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our vision

We envision a South Carolina where each child is academically equipped to reach their lifelong potential.

Our Core Values

We value all students’ unique talents and abilities and hold high expectations for social, emotional, and academic growth inclusively within the diverse population we serve. The following principles guide our efforts:


We are committed to the students and parents served by the charter schools we sponsor and pledge to bring our best efforts forward to ensure and support their successes.


We are committed to upholding a District culture that exemplifies the highest levels of honesty, respect, and dignity in all of our interactions and endeavors.


We are committed to advocating and providing for the essential resources diverse students need to ensure everyone has access to an equal opportunity to achieve their highest academic potential.


We are committed to being second to none in authorizing, supporting and championing schools we sponsor with efficient, effective, visionary, and resourceful leadership to further facilitate their success.


We are committed to building and sustaining positive and healthy partnerships with charter schools we sponsor, communities and businesses to ensure every student in South Carolina has access to a high-quality public education.

Envisioning a new kind of public education

Free & Independent

Our charter schools are free public schools that are run independently of the local public school district. Our schools are given more flexibility in their finances, personnel, scheduling, curriculum, and instruction than a traditional public district school.

Open to All Students

Our schools are open to all students in South Carolina regardless of race, income, special needs, or previous academic performance.

Flexibility to Operate

We provide educators with the flexibility to operate different types of public schools that focus on specific missions, including performing arts, technology, Montessori, dual-credit, project-based learning, cyberlearning, dual language instruction, and more.

Our Mission

The South Carolina Public Charter School District authorizes, champions, and supports the creation and advancement of innovative K-12 public charter schools that provide access to academic opportunities for every student in South Carolina to reach their fullest potential.

Strategic Plan

In the year 2021, the SCPCSD authorized, championed and supported a growing portfolio of 38 public charter schools across South Carolina. Under the leadership of Superintendent, Chris Neeley, and after 15 years of growth and success, SCPCSD initiated this strategic planning process to build a solid roadmap to a bright and successful post-pandemic future.

This 2021 – 2025 SCPCSD Strategic Plan was created to serve as a roadmap for enhancing the capability and capacity of the District to offer more innovative educational choices to the state of South Carolina over the next several years. By expanding its focus to address the educational needs of the under-served regions of the state, the District is positioned to provide innovative academic opportunities to the rural corridors of South Carolina. This will increase the economic development potential of these often-forgotten regions of the state. With this strategic plan the agency will focus on the following Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Organizational Development – To strengthen the Board of Trustees and increase staff capacity.
  • Internal and External Communications – To streamline communications and enhance awareness across South Carolina.
  • Operational Excellence – To provide the most efficient and effective processes to strengthen the SCPCSD Network.
  • Advocacy – To increase visibility and awareness of the impact charter schools have on academic excellence in South Carolina.

SCPCSD is positioning itself to lead the way to academic excellence for many students and parents across South Carolina. This journey will play a significant role in helping the state close the achievement gap by making sure that each student is academically equipped to reach their full potential.