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A New Year’s Message from Superintendent Chris Neeley

January 5, 2022

Dear School Partners,

Happy New Year! The year 2022 is full of promise and opportunity for public charter schools in South Carolina. As a leader in public charter school education, you have demonstrated that even during the pandemic, we can overcome any obstacle, innovate around every challenge, and persevere to overwhelming success when others fail to try.

You are the ‘Doers,’ the ‘Why Notters’, and the ‘Yes We Canners’ of public education in America. You are part of an extraordinary movement changing the way we do education in America. And thanks to your leadership during the most challenging time in the history of education, public charter schools have grown, improved their brand, and have shown themselves to be an excellent option for families who deserve and want more for their children. It’s safe to say we are more poised today than ever before to be the leading example in 2022. We have never been in a better position to make a difference in the lives of children in South Carolina than we have at this moment. It’s a cause that will pay dividends for generations; this is our shared legacy. I appreciate all of you and the hard work and dedication you commit today in and day out in your schools and the communities you serve.

I’m excited about the possibilities for our team this year and the big things we will accomplish together. So, let us embrace the moment, seize the opportunity, and relish our good works. Together, as one team, we will win one for the children of South Carolina. We Are SC Charter!

Kids First,

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Chris G. Neeley