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Data and Accountability

The South Carolina Public Charter School District’s Data and Accountability team plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and transparency of our educational system. Our team is responsible for collecting and analyzing a wide range of data to ensure our schools meet state and federal requirements while continuously improving student outcomes. Key data collected by our team includes Annual Reports, Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC), Climate Surveys, College Freshman Reports (CFR), Dropout Reporting, and Funding Reports.

We also monitor critical academic milestones and compliance metrics such as the 5th Day, 45th Day, 90th Day, 135th Day, and 180th Day counts, Graduation Rates, Military Opt-Outs, On-Track indicators for 2nd and 3rd Grade, and PowerSchool Security Verifications. Additionally, our accountability measures include Report Card Narratives, Students Not Tested (SNT) records, Summer Surveys, Teacher Attendance Surveys, and Validation Summary Reports. Through rigorous data collection and analysis, we strive to support our schools in achieving excellence and transparency in education.

AFO Index

The South Carolina Public Charter School District (PCSD) has developed a comprehensive accountability framework known as the AFO Index (Academics, Finance, and Operations) to promote excellence in school achievement. This initiative, guided by a representative Core Team of PCSD school leaders, involved a series of meetings and email exchanges from 2022 to 2023. These sessions provided both theoretical and practical training to support school leaders in developing and implementing a sustainable framework model. The Core Team’s collaborative efforts included consensus-building, system naming, and priority identification across key areas. As a result, the PCSD Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed the AFO Index in February 2024. This guide details the AFO Index, which will be showcased on a one-page dashboard for each school, with the baseline AFO Index released in Summer 2024 and the first-year results publicly available in Summer 2025.

AFO Index Guide (PDF) – This guide details the AFO Index, which will be displayed on a one-page dashboard for each school. The PCSD will release the baseline AFO Index in Summer 2024.

Data and Accountability

Annual Reports

Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)

Climate Surveys

College Freshman Report (CFR)

Dropout Reporting

Funding Reports

  • 5th Day, 45th, 135th
  • 90th and 180th

Graduation Rate

Military Opt-Out

On-Track for 2nd and 3rd Grade

PowerSchool Security Verification

Report Card Narrative

Students Not Tester (SNT)

Summer Survey

Teacher Attendance Survey

Validation Summary Reports

  • 45th Day
  • 135th Day
  • End of Year

Resource Applications

Data Dashboard