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Chief Program Officer

Job Brief

The South Carolina Public Charter School District (SCPCSD) is looking for an energetic and self-motivated Chief Program Officer to serve the district and its schools. The incumbent will be responsible for managing and ensuring compliance for all state and some federal programs; supporting and implementing professional development initiatives; working with the Deputy Superintendent on a variety of tasks; supporting and managing school intervention systems; and interacting the with the State Department of Education on behalf of the District and Schools for related issues.


  • Supports the Deputy Superintendent in supervision of the programs team through management to outcomes, including the positions of:  Director of Federal Programs, Federal Programs Assistant, District Testing and Systems Coordinator, State Programs Coordinator, and Social Emotional Learning Coach.
  • Directs and oversees requirements, reporting, and the request for funds process for state and federal programs and grant work, including but not limited to Title I, Tile II, Tile III, Title IV, CATE, 21st Century, School Improvement Grant, CSI/ATSI/Priority Schools, Gifted and Talented programming, Read to Succeed initiatives, Assessment, Academic Programming, Career Specialists,  and educator evaluation.
  • Supports the Chief of Charter Development in the review of charter applications and the onboarding of new, transfer, and developing schools in preparations to operate autonomously and effectively within the SCPCSD portfolio, including the maintenance of relevant guidance documentation and training modules, as well as ensuring the transmission of a school-level understanding of needed in-house infrastructure, staffing, and capacity in the areas of state and federal programming.
  • Directs and oversees requirements related to high school graduation, defined programs, and accountability reporting
  • Supports the Deputy Superintendent when requested in acting as liaison between schools and the SCDE related to any school managed LEA responsibilities
  • Manages and oversees state requirements related to educator certification, including management of the state-hosted Certification Portal System, educator renewal of certifications, as well as incorporation of relevant components and outcomes into the SCPCSD CPS.
  • Serves as Liaison and Advocate between the SCPCSD schools and the SCDE to ensure communication and understanding is accurate, valid, and applicable to SCPCSD when implementing South Carolina requirements as outlined in Statute, Regulation, Guidelines, and Charter Act.
  • Serves as site visit lead for all site visits related to academic performance and low enrollment programmatic reviews
  • Monitors the review of school operation policies and procedures related to enrollment, employee handbooks, family handbooks, school safety policies, discipline policies and procedures, and employee hiring practices.
  • Implements and oversees any district managed LEA responsibilities such as attendance, discipline, counseling services, dual credit, instructional materials, medical homebound, scholarship programs, and school improvement interventions and programming, and any future LEA requirements and reporting
  • Directs, oversees, and monitors the review of school operation policies and procedures related to enrollment, employee handbooks, family handbooks, school safety policies, discipline policies and procedures, and employee hiring practices.
  • Directs and oversees requirements, reporting, and funding pertaining to independent or one-time grants, including but not limited to focus grants, EEDA grants, arts grants, and other school-pursued initiatives that require LEA support and oversight.
  • Manages programs teams data inputs into School Performance Framework (tracks, verifies, documents, standardizes) in a timely manner to ensure the SPF is both valid as well as meaningful to both the schools and district staff
  • Supports academic performance improvement initiatives such as mentor programs, book studies, leadership cohorts, etc
  • Implements professional development offerings aligned with educational needs and school goals to improve the overall academic performance in SCPCSD’s portfolio of schools.
  • Assist Deputy Superintendent with program data analysis and dissection as needed
  • Assists Deputy Superintendent with program related inquiries, tasks and reporting as needed

Applicants should submit a resume and letter of intent to Emalee Baker at ebaker@sccharter.org.

Employment Description

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Remote Work: In office four days a week, telecommuting one day a week.

Working Hours: 7.5 Hour Day between 6:00AM and 6:00PM


  • SC State Health Insurance (BlueCross BlueShield)
  • SC State Retirement or Optional State Retirement


Applicants should submit a Resume and Letter of Intent to Emalee Baker at ebaker@sccharter.org.

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