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Statistics Manager

Job Brief

The South Carolina Public Charter School District (SCPCSD) is looking for an energetic and self-motivated educational professional to step into the role of Statistics Manager at the District office. In concert with the Data Manager, the incumbent will be responsible for managing all data analyses for the district and its schools, including but not limited to accountability and performance data, as well lead, conduct, interpret, and report a variety of data regarding the district and its schools. This position reports to the Deputy Superintendent of Sponsor Performance.



  • Develop and manage systematic support structure for schools in the SCPCSD portfolio with respect to required data collections to meet district, state, or federal requirements, including ad hoc reporting as requested by district staff or stakeholders.
  • Assists in developing and monitoring an innovative accountability program which is meaningful for all schools in the SCPCSD portfolio.
  • Conduct a variety of analyses, including both descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, using generally accepted statistical methodologies on schools within the SCPCSD; along with comparison analyses of exigent data on other traditional school districts and schools.
  • Collaborate with other district departments, teams, and staff to ensure efficient operation of data analysis and reporting.
  • Develop timelines, processes, policies, and procedures with respect to data collections, analyses and reporting with respect to data platforms, collection changes, and technical programs relative to information technology.
  • Collaborate and problem-solve with all stakeholders (i.e., federal, state, district, and school levels) regarding the federal, state, and district accountability systems.
  • Manage accountability work to ensure updated and compliant processes are implemented, which may include but not limited to participation in and/or facilitation of trainings, implementation of new policy or process, and adjustments to ensure accurate and timely data reporting.
  • Develop and manage training sessions for SCPCSD Schools (service providers) and other appropriate personnel to ensures that schools within the SCPCSD have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to meet all reporting requirements effectively and efficiently.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned including but not limited to attending trainings, presenting trainings, site visits, participation in meetings, etc.
  • Travel as needed to complete District requirements and job duties.


  • Must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in statistics or a related field; a master’s degree in statistics, educational research and measurement, or related field is preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years in the educational data and technology field, with evidence of skills and knowledge of educational statistical analyses.
  • Experience with a variety of statistical software, which may include but not be limited to SPSS, SAS, R Foundation for Statistical Computing (R), Microsoft Excel, and/or other platforms.
  • Experience conducting statistical tests such as t-test, Z-test, chi-square test, ANOVA, and binomial test as well descriptive and inferential analyses.
  • Experience working directly with or within public school systems is preferred, ideally with data analyses and interpretation.

Skills And Knowledge

  • Proven knowledge and skill in statistical methodologies, tests, and analyses
  • Skill in communicating complex analyses and information in understandable language for a variety of audiences
  • Experience and skill in establishing, implementing, and evaluating projects and programs
  • Effective skills in problem-solving, oral, and written communication.
  • Experienced using and navigating online digital platforms.
  • Strong skills in time management, organization, and prioritizing tasks.
  • Experienced with all Microsoft Office software and managing online platforms for storage and documentation (i.e., Google).

Applicants should submit a letter of intent and resume to John R. Payne, jrpayne@sccharter.org, Deputy Superintendent of Sponsor Performance.

Employment Description

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Remote Work: In office four days a week, telecommuting one day a week.

Working Hours: 7.5 Hour Day between 6:00AM and 6:00PM


  • SC State Health Insurance (BlueCross BlueShield)
  • SC State Retirement or Optional State Retirement


Applicants should submit a letter of intent and resume to John R. Payne, jrpayne@sccharter.org, Deputy Superintendent of Sponsor Performance.

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