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PowerSchool is the official Student Information System (SIS) used statewide by the public and charter schools of South Carolina for storing and managing student data. It maintains student records and provides robust capabilities for educators and administrators to effectively manage school processes.  PowerSchool reinforces personalized learning by offering the ability to tailor a student’s instructional path with his or her interests, skills, and goals.

One of its many great features is the Parent Portal which gives parents and students access to student grades and assignments online. This information is also available through the Parent Portal App for those on the go!  

Need to contact us about PowerSchool? Reach out to our Student Information Systems Administrator, Kristie Wirth at KWirth@sccharter.org.

Data Collection

Understand the ins and outs of our data collection practices. Learn how to ensure the accuracy, security, and confidentiality of every piece of student information.


Quick-access shortcuts to our most frequented and important webpages. Navigate the PowerSchool ecosystem with ease.

Plugins and Customizations

Enhance your PowerSchool experience with new plugins. Discover new tools to personalize and augment your user experience.


Stay abreast of our latest policies and protocols pertaining to PowerSchool usage, data handling, and student information privacy.

SIS Resources

A curated selection of essential resources, materials, and tools for our district members. Streamline your daily tasks and stay informed with the latest updates.

PowerSchool Training

Dive deep into our comprehensive PowerSchool tutorials and guides, tailored to empower educators and administrators with the knowledge they need to effectively use the platform.