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Meet the SCPCSD Team

The South Carolina Public Charter School District team authorizes, champions, and supports the creation and advancement of innovative K-12 public charter schools that provide access to academic opportunities for every student in South Carolina to reach their fullest potential.

Chris Neeley with students
Chris Neeley


cneeley@sccharter.org | 803-734-8322

Michael Thom headshot
Michael Thom

Chief Financial Officer

mthom@sccharter.org | 803-457-2724

Emily Paul headshot
Emily Paul

Deputy Superintendent (LEA)

epaul@sccharter.org | 803-960-9686

Emalee Baker

Chief of Programs

ebaker@sccharter.org | 803-603-6433

John R. Payne

Deputy Superintendent (Sponsor Performance)

jrpayne@sccharter.org | 803-608-2099

Tracie Sweet headshot
Tracie Sweet

Director of Federal Programs

tsweet@sccharter.org | 803-960-8609

Nick Michael

Director of Financial Services

nmichael@sccharter.org | 803-806-9002

Jackie Snell

Director of Human Resources

jsnell@sccharter.org | 803-638-3300

Destiny Grant

Director of Operations

dgrant@sccharter.org | 803-212-5081

Susan Howard headshot
Susan Howard

Director of Special Education and ESOL

showard@sccharter.org | 803-470-6720

Campbell Mims

Public Affairs Manager

cmims@sccharter.org | 803-608-0820

Mandy Freeman headshot
Amanda Freeman

COVID Financial Services Coordinator

afreeman@sccharter.org | 803-608-2812

Rebecca Huggins

COVID Impact Coordinator

rhuggins@sccharter.org | 803-608-1091

Wendy Ward headshot
Wendy Ward

Special Education Coordinator

wward@sccharter.org | 803-403-3933

Tatiana Velez

Federal Programs Assistant

tvelez@sccharter.org | 803-212-8326

Kristin Farmer headshot
Kristin Farmer

Director of Authorization and Development

kfarmer@sccharter.org | 803-608-2360

LaPrecious Sapp

Financial Reporting & Compliance Administrator

lsapp@sccharter.org | 803-807-056

Julie Iacuone

COVID Financial Services Coordinator

jiacuone@sccharter.org | 803-608-1982

Louie Michalke headshot
Louie Michalke

District Testing and Systems Coordinator

lmichalke@sccharter.org | 803-354-0777

Chi Chi Abando

ESOL Assistant

cabando@sccharter.org | 803-212-8428

Josh Findlay

Data Manager

jfindlay@sccharter.org | 803-977-9089

Deitrich (Dee) Drayton

Student Services Compliance Administrator

ddrayton@sccharter.org | 803-212-5482

Dawn Knapper

COVID Financial Services Coordinator

dknapper@sccharter.org | 803-391-9181

Carla Dowey headshot
Carla Dowey

Financial Services Coordinator

cdowey@sccharter.org | 803-608-4276

Teresa Etheredge

Executive Assistant

tetheredge@sccharter.org | 803-734-8322