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Valerie Dix Named 2023 State Public Charter District Teacher of the Year


Contact: Drew Johnson, Chief Communications Officer



Valerie Dix Named 2023 State Public Charter District Teacher of the Year

COLUMBIA, S.C. (May 5, 2023)

The South Carolina Public Charter School District (State Charter District) named Valerie Dix the 2023 District Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Dix, a multilingual teacher at Greenville Tech Charter High School (GTCHS), was surprised in her classroom by the announcement this morning. She has been a loyal and dedicated member of the GTCHS faculty for 19 years and has distinguished herself with a passion for her students.

Mrs. Dix received her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Secondary Education from Clemson University and a Master’s in Divergent Learning from Columbia College. She also holds a credential in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Mrs. Dix exemplifies what it means to be an educator who truly cares about their student’s success inside and outside the classroom. The State Charter District commends her dedication and passion for helping young minds grow and putting kids first.

When asked about teaching and receiving the award, Mrs. Dix said, “First of all, this is an honor to represent all the teachers and all the schools in the South Carolina charter school district. I am shocked, but I am super excited about this opportunity and what I can do to encourage other people in South Carolina to seek out charter schools and make everyone a fan of the Public Charter School District. It’s daunting because there are different opinions about everything, but I will do my best to represent everyone and show them that if we all work together, we can do what is best for our students. And we will have a brighter future in South Carolina.”

Chris Neeley, Superintendent of the State Charter School District, said, “We are delighted to recognize Mrs. Valerie Dix of Greenville Tech Charter High School as the 2023 State Charter District Teacher of the Year. Her commitment to her students and passion for education has made her an exceptional educator and mentor in our district. We are grateful for all she has accomplished and look forward to continuing to benefit from her expertise and student-centric approach in the years ahead.”

Valerie Dix’s passion for teaching shines through every day in her classroom, inspiring her students and those around her within the school and community. We take great pride in recognizing Mrs. Dix’s outstanding contributions as a teacher and mentor within our district community.

About the South Carolina Public Charter School District: The South Carolina Public Charter School District authorizes, champions, and supports the creation and advancement of innovative K-12 public charter schools in South Carolina. We value all students’ unique talents and abilities and hold high expectations for social, emotional, and academic growth inclusively within the diverse population we serve.