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Why choose us as your authorizer?

Our tuition-free public schools serve more than 17,500+ students in 38 schools across South Carolina. School models include STEAM, dual-credit, inquiry-based, dyslexia focused, renewable energy, performing arts, Montessori, dual-language, and many other school models.

Our Schools directly receive 98% of the funds we procure, while the District retains only 2% of allocated funds to cover administrative fees.

Our District promotes the autonomy of our schools in many ways including: finance, leadership and personnel, scheduling, and curriculum and instruction.

Sustained District staff assistance begins with new school interest, through new school openings, and throughout the life of the charter. Our dedicated staff provides continuous support and countless training opportunities for our new and existing schools throughout the year.

The SCPCSD is committed to authorizing high quality, inclusive schools for ALL students to reach their highest academic potential. As a system of public schools we offer equal opportunity and welcome all students. We put Kids First!

Are you interested in opening a successful charter school with an authorizer that possesses a commitment to excellence and a proven track record?

2023 Charter Application Process Flow Chart

Applicant Resources


2024 Charter School Application

2024 Student Enrollment Projection Form

2024 Charter School Application Evaluation Rubric

Charter Application Overview

SC Charter Act of 1996

SC Dept. of Education – Charter Schools Program

Dual Application Policy

Building Charter School Community Awareness, Engagement, and Support

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